Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries

Although there is no such thing as a "safe" sport, highly competitive sports, such as football, weightlifting, gymnastics, rugby and wrestling, pose particularly higher risks of injuries.

According to experts, as much as 20 percent of all sports-related injuries involve the lower back or neck. Running and weightlifting, and other sports that involve repetitive impact, expose athletes to a high risk for lumbar (lower back) injuries. Contact sports, such as football and rugby, expose the cervical spine, or neck, to injury. More than one-third of all high school football players sustain some type of injury.

Soccer participants are easy candidates for mild to severe head traumas, neck injuries, cervical spine damage, headache, neck pain, dizziness, irritability, and insomnia. Heading the ball, the act of using the head to re-direct the soccer ball, has been linked with cervical injuries in children and adults. The trampoline and gymnastics also present significant risks for spinal cord injuries from falls or contact with hard surfaces. 

Can MLS Laser Therapy Help? After an examination, the doctor will be able to tell you if MLS Therapy can help with your injury. Most sports injuries respond very quickly to the energy supplied by the laser light. For example, a severe hamstring pull will often heal in half the time when treated with MLS Laser Therapy compared to traditional treatment modalities. 

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