Post Surgical Pain & Swelling

Post Surgical Pain and Swelling

The potential for MLS to benefit patients control the pain and inflammation associated with surgery is intriguing, and may eventually become one of the most important aspects of this amazing therapy.

Surgery is essentially a controlled trauma and a natural by-product is pain and swelling. It is expected that the area involved as well as the surrounding area near the surgery site will be painful, and swollen. Controlling pain and swelling can help you recover faster and return to normal activities. 

Can MLS Laser Therapy Help? MLS Laser Therapy offers additional pain relief post surgery, with some patients reporting a reduced reliance on pain medication. Due to the MLS Laser’s anti-inflammatory effects, the therapy can help reduce swelling and pain and possibly even reduce recovery times.

Unlike other modalities, such as ultrasound, MLS Laser Therapy can be safely used over metal implants, such as titanium knees and hips. MLS Laser Therapy can be safely used over metal and plastic screws.

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