Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow (also known as Lateral Epicondylitis)is an overuse injury occurring in the lateral (outside) side of the elbow region.  The acute pain that a person might feel occurs when they fully extend their arm.  While the common name "tennis elbow" suggests a strong link to racquet sports, this condition can also be caused by sports such as swimming and climbing, the work of manual workers and waiters, playing guitar and similar instruments, as well as activities of daily living.

Can MLS Laser Therapy Help?
The pain of tennis elbow does not have to keep you off the court or away from your favorite activities.  This is an ailment that usually responds quickly to MLS Laser Therapy.  Many patients will receive significant pain relief after just one, 15 minute treatment.  After an examination, the doctor will be able to estimate how many treatments will be needed to resolve the problem.

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