Elbow Pain

Elbow Pain

Golfers and tennis players know all too well the pain associated with overuse of the elbow. Repetitive motions on the golf course, tennis court or even at the computer can result in inflammation and pain. The muscles of both the upper and lower arm attach at the elbow and function to flex, extend and rotate the lower arm. All of this activity and stress often leads to irritation of these muscles and tendons causing painful and sometimes debilitating pain. The two main types of elbow pain are “Tennis elbow” or lateral epicondylitis which affects the outside area of the elbow and “Golfers Elbow” or medial epicondylitis which causes pain to the inside of the elbow. These two conditions result in the bulk of elbow pain complaints although there are many other causes of elbow pain including arthritis and trauma.

Can MLS Laser Therapy Help

MLS laser therapy is a non-invasive and safe way to treat these conditions and get you back in the game. Elbow pain does not have to keep you off the course or away from your favorite activities. These conditions typically respond to MLS Laser Therapy. Many patients will receive significant pain relief after just a few treatments although the number of treatments required depends on the nature and severity of the injury. 

Tennis Elbow

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